Created to help webmasters and networks significantly boost the value of their offers, Blacked is a premium online advertising network. We believe the keys to our success are the quality of our work and our responsiveness. We strive to provide an unsurpassed level of service and a swift answer to questions.

Our experienced management team and high-speed support have made us the most successful online advertising network in the world. (Fourteen years of profitable work on the market bear witness to that fact.) We already have a large group of sites working together in an effective manner. You’ll fit right in.
Blacked delivers huge volumes of traffic for different kinds of offers. We work on CPA, CPL, CPM, CPI and CPC basis. If you are a network or developer and you have exclusive offers you are welcome to sign up and get high quality traffic.

When you join Blacked as an Advertiser, you’ll receive the following benefits:

-All types of banner graphics supported
-Anti-fraud system
-Online campaign statistics
-Several powerful servers to serve ads
-Around-the-clock support
-Real-Time, By the Minute Statistics
-Pre-Generated Reports
-Completely Custom Reporting
-Drilldown with Filters and Groups
-Export to CSV
-View Session Time from Click to Conversion
-Conversion Approval/Rejection
-Bulk Conversion Approval
-Search Conversions by IP and more
-Batch Upload Conversions
-Create your offer manually

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